Wednesday, 31 August 2011

August Meeting - Part 3

These beautiful Dorset buttons made by June are embellished with tiny sparkly red beads.
Tricia had brought along this poncho which she had sewn beads on. . . but felt it wasn't quite finished.
During the afternoon she added a wavy I-cord (or rats tail depending where & when you grew up) and completed the task.
by Rose Pelvin

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August Meeting - Part 2

June cleverly used a supplementary warp on part of this mat and then used the rest of it to embroider the decoration.
June shows hand-made tassels from among her treasures
. . . and cards embellished with fibres of various sorts
Anne had just finished a collapse weave piece which everyone loved. She had to keep her eye on it as it went beautifully with garments that other people were wearing!

By Rose Pelvin

Monday, 29 August 2011

August Meeting - Part 1

The August meeting was a daytime one, held on Sunday afternoon 21st. It was fine enough to sit outside Bobbin Cottage and enjoy the sun. The meeting was led by Tricia and Sue on the theme of 'embellishments' and they had provided embellished garments as examples and lots of books and magazines for inspiration.

Tricia got brave and cut the piece of fabric she brought when she first came to the group. Here is a vest made from part of it - an embellishment in progress.
This hat was also made by Tricia. Diagonal weaving at the Rotoiti retreat was new to some people and several people were enthusiastic about it. The hat is made from two diagonally woven squares.
. . . like this.
Simple crochet, but so effective on Win's beautiful alpaca scarf with huck lace motifs.

by Rose Pelvin

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Rotoiti Retreat - Part 8

Oh, and all the bags!!!

by Rose Pelvin

Friday, 26 August 2011

Rotoiti Retreat - Part 7

Demonstrations and Traders

Anne Grassham demonstrates diagonal weaving
Diane Holmwood demonstrates shibori dyeing with Genesis dyes
Silks, socks, whatever . . . all take the dye
Karen Broderson demonstrates needle felting
Hallblacks had their usual multitude of mind-blowing yarns
and Linda Cleary had the cutest buttons...
including some of lovely hand-painted bamboo

by Rose Pelvin

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rotoiti Retreat - Part 6

Knitting and Knitters at the Retreat.  

Knitting seemed to be the activity of choice. Socks were popular, especially with self-patterning yarn, some hand dyed. One person knits two socks at the same time. Thought there were knitting needles everywhere, in every size and configuration, there was no click-clacking to be heard. Perhaps because they are made in different materials these days, or it may just be that the chatting drowned out the clicking. There was plenty of that as well.
 This beautiful knitted scarf was raffled
Circular needle, two colours
Josie knitting a sock on 4 needles
BIG needles
Two needles. This person uses the underarm technique
Yvonne's scarf has grown a lot during the day
Mary Hall shows a very large, very lacy knitted... thing(?) with sleeves
Which turns out to be an elegant coat to wear to a wedding

by Rose Pelvin

Monday, 22 August 2011

Rotoiti Retreat - Part 5

Weaving and Spinning
Blanket made from diagonally woven squares
Plenty of people were keen to try
This is how it's done
Natural Gotland
Some spinners think big! This is called 'wild spinning'
Others prefer fine and elegant

by Rose Pelvin

Friday, 19 August 2011

Rotoiti Retreat - Part 4

Still not woven, but treats spotted at the retreat.
 Shoes are not to be worn in the Lodge so felted slippers are just the thing
  Win assists a friend to adjust an attractive knitted wrap
 If there was a prize for the most warmly dressed, this would win
 And the back view
 Knitted entrelac in natural colours
And in bright colours for a child's car seat cover

by Rose Pelvin

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Rotoiti Retreat - Part 3

Not woven, but spotted at Rotoiti.
Knitted socks were high on the popularity list
A very warm work in progress
Knitted beads. The red ones are from plastic bags
Hold on - I'll be back in a minute
 A mobius scarf

by Rose Pelvin