Saturday, 29 August 2015

August Meeting

Chris wove cushions in a variegated Touch Merino yarn
and also a scarf using variegated yarn in the warp

Betsy also used Touch yarn. Hers is a boucle wrap
Lovely to see a handwoven double corduroy rug. This one was made by Joan
Cute and cosy. Win made these felted slippers
Trish models a rain hat made of felted yak hair.
The rain runs off the tails to direct it away from your face.

The rain hat was one of Joan's treasures. Next post we will see some of the fascinating fabrics she brought back from Bhutan and Laos.

Monday, 10 August 2015

More photos from July

There was a lot of interest in these bright and cheerful cottons that Tricia has kindly donated to the group. Watch for results!
 Anne found this delicate felted scarf by Raewyn Penrose when she was on holiday in the North Island.
 Above and below - two more scarves from Anne - very different styles

 And tablemats, also from Anne
 We just had to have a closer look at Noelene's knitted triangular scarf
Rose has had another session working on her exhibition cloak. This is the second of four panels

Monday, 3 August 2015

July Meeting

 Joan had recently returned from her travels and teased us by showing only one piece of fabric she brought back. We look forward to another meeting when she will show us heaps more.
 Anne had several innovative scarves to show. Here she is wearing one of them.
 New member Muff impressed us with her hand-woven willow basket.
 Noelene wrapped up warmly. She said her knitted scarf was not new but it came in for a lot of attention.
Jen is really getting into her stride. Here she is wearing a recently woven scarf.

More photos to come soon.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

More pictures from June Meeting

Jen and Anne Check out the properties of some yarn

Betsy adds her knowledge to the conversation

Chris explains to Win the detail of her fancy twill

Tricia and Jan sit back and knit

Judy looks warm in her handspun knit and zingy green scarf

Noelene (above) and Nancy (below) study the books for patterns for crafty garments

Keep warm everyone, and keep weaving. See you in July.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Mid Winter Meeting

It may have been the middle of winter but it was bright and cheerful at the Weavers' meeting in June. Check out Chris's cushion, made by crafty folding of a narrow sample strip from our recent overshot workshop.  Chris must have the most colourful stash in the country. Hand stitched herringbone to cover and enhance the seams tops off a clever cushion.

 Also by Chris, hot off the loom, is this two-colour throw in a complex twill pattern. Note the difference between the two sides - not front and back, but two "right" sides for a versatile and atractive piece.
Win was wearing this scarf but had to take it off to try to demonstrate an attractive way to tie a scarf that nobody could work out even though we all tried. (Chris gave us all a chocolate fish for trying.) Win insists that it is an old scarf but that does not detract from its interesting construction. It has a lot of silk content, extra long fringes and bead embellishments.
Judy had been adventurous and woven up some of her handspun wool into a lovely soft throw. Along the way she learned a lot about using handspun singles as a warp!  Another lesson learned the hard way was about differential shrinkage when she incorporated bands of Gotland yarn to add interest.  It's still cosy and warm Judy.
Some of us never learn! Differential shrinkage also got the better of Rose who used several different yarns in order to get the right colours for a tartan scarf. Other reasons for discontent need not be enumerated. Let's just get on with the next project!
More pics in a few days to show you the smiling faces.

Friday, 29 May 2015

May Show and Tell

Judy with her 8 shaft houndstooth twill

Win produced this monks belt overshot table runner for a wedding gift

We are so proud of Jen for weaving this overshot runner after last month's inspiration

Chis finished the overshot sample that was on her loom and now is planning to make a cushion cover with it

Betsy made this scarf for her son with yarns from Anna Gratton

Rose is enjoying working with lovely soft yarns like this baby alpaca boucle

Joan models Rose's alpaca cowl

Not her own work but this lovely collar is SO Jan

Joan recycled one of the guild room cushions by removing the cover, washing it and turning it inside out

and here is the other side

Friday, 22 May 2015

May Play Day

What fun we had on 18 May. Jan led us through the procedure for marbling paper. It was a glorious day (well. most of it was) so we were able to work outside. Everyone had a try and came up with some really artistic results. Here are a few photos:

I wonder what these wonderful pages will be used for.