Thursday, 22 September 2016

September Meeting

August came and went . . . several members made a trip over to Mapua to catch up with our colleagues from over the hill. I escaped to Wanaka for R & R.

September brought back some members who had travelled further afield; Joan and Chris having separately visited Scotland's Outer Hebrides with emphasis on the Isles of Harris and Lewis, among other geographically interesting places.
More about that in the next post.

The topic for the month was braiding and Joan and Chris had set up a variety of hands-on techniques for people to try.
 Jan uses her foot to assist in making a "walking" or "slentre" with loops on her fingers.

 Here are two different braids made with this technique.
 This is a lucet, an ancient lace-making tool. It makes variations of a square braid.
 A multitude of various plaits and twists can be made on warp ends.
 Joan weaves a narrow warp-faced braid on a table loom with the reed removed.
 Win, Chris and Jan all tried braiding with a clipboard as an anchor.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

July Meeting

We were lucky to have another sunny day for our July meeting.
We welcomed new member Lizzie, seen here on the right.

And this is Lizzie's new toy. This is the "before" picture.
With a bit of advice from Judy - and others - we think she will do well,
so look forward to an "after" picture before too long.
Don't you love the buttons on her detachable sleeves!

Joan had been on an overseas trip and here she is showing samples of tweed fabric from the Isles of Lewis and Harris

She tells us that tweed and tartan are everywhere in Scotland
Thank you Joan. We love seeing the results of your travels

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

More from the June Meeting

Although we are all weavers and meet to discuss our work, most of us do other things as well, so our show and tell usually includes some of these extras. Here are some "other" items that showed up at our June meeting.
Nancy's knitted alpaca throw was light and lovely and beautiful to handle
This is a very creative piece from Wendy. What is it - you may ask . . .

Here it is on Fern, our pin-up model. It is a cowl and a hood in one. A howl . . . ?

The cute boots are from Wendy also. Who says they have to match?

Another Wendy Wonder. This is a cowl knitted in silk (or maybe a silk/wool mix?)
Betsy knitted this hat from her own handspun - perfect for winter
Win had spent a very busy weekend felting this fashion garment

and here is the back view.

Rose brought along a lace work in progress - feeling happy to have learned how to turn a corner.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

June Meeting 2016

We met on the shortest day of the year in a winter that has hardly started yet. We were a small group but there was plenty of weaving on display. First we had a discussion on advancing twills which include the snowflake and frost crystal patterns. Judy proved with this scarf that they can be done on four shafts.

Judy also brought along this lovely large extra-soft throw handwoven from handspun Gotland fleece.

Jen had us guessing what draft she had used for her "use up the bits and pieces" tea towels. It is Claremont Twill which set us scuttling for Marguerite Davison's book as no one had noticed it. It is an ideal draft for teatowels, with lace blocks interspersed with twill.
Win brought along a wrap made some time ago. It has bands of undulating twill with narrow close-set stripes. It didn't take long for someone to realise that it was the same pattern, on a different scale, as the scarf Judy was wearing. See the photo of Judy above.

Our youngest ever weaver, Fern, came along with her Mother Wendy and proudly showed her first ever weaving. Well done Fern!
Wendy's weaving was all done on a rigid heddle loom and ranged from subtle colours to a riot of colour and texture.

Chris brought along a scarf which had been a demonstration piece for using supplementary warps - good to see it finished and it certainly served its purpose.
Also for demonstration purposes was this loom which had been used in the public library. Lots of colour and thick yarns make a good show.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

May Meeting

New member Wendy demonstrated her enthusiasm by showing us a number of pieces she has produced while trying out various yarns. 
She loves using her rigid heddle loom and is giving it plenty of use.

Judy produced this stunning large table runner which was greatly admired.
Nancy had been to Festival in Auckland and found some lovely yarns.

 Rose is concentrating on lace making while also preparing for the next weaving project.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Basket Workshop

 Several of our members took part in a basket weaving workshop wth Sarah Hornibrook at the beginning of May. Here are some of the works in progress.





Joan and Sarah