Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Weaving group April 2018

Above and below . . . Jen's table mats of mixed fibre including cotton and rayon, some hemmed, some fringed.

We always come back to 2/2 twill don't we. This cosy fabric was woven by Rosemary with the intention of making a dressing gown. Grant also had a handspun scarf woven in 2/2 twill but whisked it away before I got a photo of it. More please Grant.

Chris is a master of crackle. This is one of her signature throws though the colours are a shift from her usual range.
Also by Chris, a scarf, again in 2/2 twill, showing what can be done with one ball of glorious hand-dyed yarn. It may seem expensive but the cost is insignificant when it produces an effect like this.

A different colourway, this time by Joan, produced this brilliant bundle of  fashion wear. There is no end to the great results we can achieve with today's yarns.

Just as colourful but a different approach. Joan has woven this throw with all manner of woollen yarns, some unravelled from pre-loved knitwear. Well done with the recycling Joan.
Only one side of this book cover is showing but Jan has made it in tapestry weaving to have a mirror image on the back.
Chris has been experimenting with collapse weave. Above is a photo of a scarf just off the loom, before washing.

and this is the "after washing" result, approximately half the width. See some of the stretch below.

Weaving of a different kind. Rose made the hand made bobbin lace on this work box. She hasn't forgotten her loom but needs to practise her new skills.

Above and below - colour and texture are what we have come to expect from Wendy and she certainly delivers both.

We had two special guests at the meeting this month. Oakley and Fern Russell came with their mother, Wendy, and brought along a scarf loom they have both been working on. (The loom brought back memories for some of us.)

Oakley had woven the first section in green weft and Fern is continuing in red. I expect it will be on the family dining table at Christmas. Sorry I did not get a photo of Oakley. Please come again both of you.
That is quite a lot of show and tell for one post but there are many more photos to come on the topic of the day which was Wearables, so keep watching.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Guild Day April 2018

Thanks to Chris there was some weaving among the show and tell. Here are a couple of her "working through the stash" throws. . .
and a scarf woven in twill from one ball of Noro yarn - beautiful colours automatically formed into a well-balanced stripe design.

Other disciplines included spinning/knitting and felting.
Jan brought along this exquisite shawl knitted by Linda Cleary from handspun merino and silk yarn. See the close-up below.

Josie's needles are never still. The mittens (above) and hat (below) are knitted from cosy handspun wool, ready to keep someone snug in the winter

Felters have been making bags. This one was made by Win, starting with a silk scarf for the foundation and completed to match some heirloom silk beads which form the handle and closure.

JudithManning made this roomy handbag and finished it off with a quirky button and a felted rope handle. Note how the handle is inserted in a slit each end of the bag and tied in a knot at just the right length.

 A sophisticated felted bag with elegant leather handles was made by Christine, as were three standing vessels, inspired by birch trees (below).

Thursday, 22 March 2018

More Thoughts from March Meeting

We all know that unused stash breeds in dark corners and when we come to look at it we have masses of "what can I do with this" yarn. The same applies to our group and this was the day it all came out for a serious look and think session. Several members took some home with a project in mind but much remained.
One suggestion was that members should each take some home and weave fabric for re-useable shopping bags. Chris's rag weave bag was pounced on as  suitable size and shape, and also someone's fabric bag was a good example.

Of course, supermarket bags have ideal dimensions as well. It will be interesting to see what follow-up there is to this discussion.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

March 2018 Meeting

Here, in all its glory, is the scarf made from the warp painting done at the February meeting. Joan separated the two warps into several sections and alternated them across the width of the scarf. She used a fine brown weft. What a glorious result. The fringes are still to be dealt with and there was considerable discussion about how this would be done.

There were very few items for Show and Tell this time but here is a cheerful hanging with oodles of colour and texture from Rosemary.

 Chris has been working on collapse weave with differential shrinkage. Here is her scarf in the "before washing" state. Watch this space for the "after."

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Warp Painting Demo

Joan is suitably kitted out and has the scene prepared

From her trusty supply of basic dyes, Joan has prepared the colours

Note the "brush". It is made of foam.

Chris is co-opted to paint one of the warps. This one is hand spun.

Win and Nancy look on, checking on the technique

Jan, Noelene, Betsy and Rosemary make up the audience. Rosemary is checking a magazine article on the subject.

Final touches to make sure the gaps are filled.

What would we do without plastic wrap?

Keeping the moisture in and the air out

Two very long "sausage rolls"

One at a time they are folded into a plastic container

. . . and "cooked" in a specially designated microwave oven

Has this had enough heat?

Looking very promising

Unwrapping and rinsing

Two warps = completely different

Joan's apron tells the sad tale of Adeline McGlory who fell into the dyepot. Fortunately no untoward incidents marred this day and all lived to tell the tale. We look forward to seeing these scarf warps when they are woven.