Saturday, 1 December 2018

Farewell to 2018 and Best Wishes forChristmas

A good attendance for our last meeting for the year. Best Wishes to all for the Festive Season and lots of inspiration for a weaverly 2019.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

November Meeting Part 2 - Show and Tell

Nancy always has some of her exquisite knitting to show and to wear

Betsy can still produce precision weaving. This alpaca scarf is "puff-of-wind" light with a lovely handle

Two scarves from Rose with a wool warp and silk weft, finished with her signature Philippine edge and twisted fringes.

Wendy has a passion for gorgeous yarns

and her stash inspires us all

Wendy has a mix of fibres, including linen,  in the main part of this scarf and she has designed it with a block of darker linen at each end.

Super-fulled, this throw is soft and cosy

Wendy added a floor rug to her repertoire this month

this close-up shows the "t-shirt" yarn she has used - a commercial yarn made from twisted cotton fabric

Nothing if not innovative . . . Wendy dyed this wool yarn in the ball, in a rice cooker!
We may be a small group but there is a lot going on!

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

November Meeting - Wrap Up for the year Part 1

What a busy, buzzing meeting we had to finish the year. Sometimes we wonder if we should despair about the dwindling numbers in our little group . . . but then we have a great day when everyone turns up and there is so much to see and do we were almost late for lunch. (Perhaps we should lunch more often).  Rain, hail and cold wind arrived to join the party but even that did not quench the high spirits.

There are lots of photos to share so this will be the first of three instalments. We begin with the stash reduction grocery bag challenge. 

Nancy's knitted mesh bags are ideal for carrying fruit and veg.

Although Chris can think of another use for one. Chris, it would be great if you still had your luxuriant plaits hanging down over your shoulders . . . .

Joan had the brilliant idea of starting with an existing fabric bag and using it for lining. She used honeycomb weave exteriors to great effect.

Rosemary made two big, bold, beautiful bags. They would make grocery shopping a pleasure rather than a chore.

Chris's cheerful bags were shown in the last post. Now is a chance to see (below) close-ups of her small patterns in bright colours that sing on the multi-blue background

Rose's collection is another step nearing completion - two bags finished, three works-in-progress and one that might become something else.

Check back again in a few days for Show and Tell.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Bags of Interest in Show and Tell on Guild Day

Boots and bag to match, felted by Christine

Part of the stash reduction grocery bag challenge, This one from Rose. woven in carpet wool

Chris wove three bags in cotton. Nancy is looking at the lining and a pocket.

The fabric from the loom in Bobbin Cottage has been finally cut off, mended and wet finished, then made up into cushion covers complete with zips. Several people took part in this joint exercise.

Rose had woven two scarves with silk weft on a wool warp.

The irregular self-striping of the sock wool in Chris's scarf prompted quite a discussion.

Jan's tapestry "Growth" has been exhibited with others from NZ and Australia and has now come back to her.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Guild Anual Meeting - November 2018

There was a good attendance at Guild today, and plenty to see and marvel at. Here are a few photos of weavers' show and tell, beginning with stash reduction grocery bags. Rose wove with "industrial strength" carpet wool and Chris wove in cottons and made up her bags with lining and pockets.

The fabric woven on the Guild loom over the last couple of years has now been made up into cushion covers.

Jan's Tapestry "Growth" has returned from its tour of Australia and New Zealand, still looking fresh and beautiful.
And then there were scarves - Chris wove hers with less than one ball of sock wool. Rose wove with silk weft on a wool warp.

Our last meeting for the year is next week and with luck there should be more grocery bags.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

We Farewell a Friend

Friends of this group will be sad to know that our long-time member, colleague and friend, Win Currie. died on Sunday after a short illness. Win was a founding member of this group and the Marlborough Creative Fibre Guild. She was a talented loom weaver, tapestry weaver and, in recent years, also a felter. Win will be greatly missed. Here are some images that many of us will remember her by.

Farewell Friend