Thursday, 14 August 2014

Guild Day 13 August

Not many weavers brought show and tell to Guild but here are some things we did see.
Chris wove this baby blanket or knee rug in twill blocks with yarn that was a mix of wool and alpaca. Great colours Chris.
Rose had been weaving linen huck lace samples for Cross Country Weavers' exchange and finished off the warp with a couple of strips to make earring hangers.
This piece should have been in show and tell but instead it was in the raffle. Woven by Pam Hilliard (only her second project) it is thick and soft as well as being cheerful and practical. Rose won it in the raffle and is pleased to have it in front of her fireplace.
We tried to give Win a hard time for felting instead of weaving but she is quite unrepentant. And why wouldn't she be when she can produce such gorgeous slippers.
This time of the year our members seem to go away in all directions though some of them are now returning. We look forward to our September meeting when we hope everyone will be back on deck.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

We Farewell June

It is sad, but it is time for us to say goodbye to June McKenzie, one of our long-standing faithful members. June was very knowledgable about textiles in general and weaving in particular.  She participated fully in our group and never hesitated to take on a challenge, right up to her last few weeks of life. She was a teacher and mentor and generously shared her expertise. Her work was meticulous and always perfectly finished.
 Weavers will be happy to know that June was laid to rest wearing one of her handwoven, hand embellished vests, and her casket was draped with one of a pair of her handwoven bedspreads and a finely woven wrap. 
She was a special friend and we will miss her.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

June Meeting

There's nothing to show from the June meeting as the camera didn't even come out. However, that doesn't mean there was nothing happening. As winter has started we met in the daytime and it was good to have a good number present even though several members are away travelling. They will have some catching up to do when they return. We started on the collapse weave workshop which had been prepared by Anne Field.  Fine threads and even finer threads were already made into warps and all we had to do was beam them on to the looms. Sounds easy. It wasn't! It took a lot of care and a lot longer than we expected. At the end of the day five looms were taken home in various states of threading and the notes distributed for perusal before the next stage. Happy studying everyone.

One person has produced something to show recently. Peg has made a hanging to present to her old school, Rangi Ruru, on the occasion of its 125th anniversary. The presentation coincided with the opening of a new building, Mana Wahine, (strong women) and here is a photo of Peg with the School Principal, Julie Moor beside the hanging. Thanks to Neil Macbeth for the photo.
The heading is woven on the loom with merino wool and the strands are of silk sliver, bound with fine ribbon. Peg says the many strands represent the many opportunities open for the Rangi girls to explore in their future lives.  Peg will celebrate her 97th birthday on 9 July.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Scarf Expo 2014

Every bit as big, bright and colourful as last year, the Scarf Expo is up and buzzing. The weather is the opposite - dull, grey and VERY wet, but the first two days were busy with several sales right from the start. This is a Guild enterprise so there are felted, knitted, crocheted, dyed scarves of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes.

One of the looms ready for enthusiastic members of the public to weave a scarf. Truly creative dyeing by Joan and weaving by Chris.
And some shots giving an overview of the show - not all of it by any means but you will get the idea.

Once again a few people put in a huge amount of work to organise, display and advertise this event. Our grateful thanks to them and hope they make lots of sales.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Squid attack!

OK, this is not Marlborough and it's not weaving, but I have to share this - just for fun! The blogs referred to below explain it all in great detail.
A Yarn Bombed Tree Squid yarn bombing trees textiles
It seems like nothing is safe from yarn bombing these days from airplanes to bridges to trains. Not to be outdone, Jill Watt and her sister Lorna Watt recently wrapped this magnolia tree in downtown San Mateo with more than four miles of yarn to create this awesome squid. It’s one thing to completely cover an object in textiles, but to transform a tree into an organism like this seems that much more special. Read more about how they did it on their respective blogs Knits for Life and Dapper Toad. (via Neatorama, Laughing Squid)

Have a laugh - but keep weaving.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Photos from Festival Exhibition, Dunedin

This is Chris with her expertly woven and aptly titled 'Baa Codes' floor rug.

Judy's gebrochene patterned scarf is too fine to show up in the photo
 but it was beautifully displayed.
This scarf of Judy's is in the 'Flora and Fauna' Challenge.
The pattern is reminiscent of albatross wings.

Rose's entry in the challenge was inspired by fluffy penguin chicks  

Next big event is the scarf Expo so keep watching.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Weavers' May Meeting

Four of the members present had been to the Legacy of Yarns Festival in Dunedin so we finally heard a little of what went on and, best of all, were able to see some of the Exhibition entries, the various displays and some of the pop-up fashion show that had happened in the Octagon. Thanks to Joan for the powerpoint show.  Some of our members had work on display in the exhibition or challenge and photos of them will pop up here in due course.  In the meantime here is what was on display at our meeting.
Betsy wove this broken twill fabric some time ago but has just recently made it into a plump cushion.
Chris has used a twill also, this time changing twill direction giving a diagonal emphasis which can be seen across the top left corner of the picture.

Chris has made a nice finish with Vietnamese beads added to the fringe at intervals. This throw was an exhibition entry.

Noelene has been experimenting with various cottons and suitable textured weaves for them.
Rose has added an unusual finish to what could well be a man's lightweight but 0h-so-warm scarf.

Another scarf from Rose, this one is silk in twill blocks: two blocks, three colours makes a nice mix.
Jan has finished the small tapestry she started in Stacey Harvey-Brown's workshop and has now incorporated it into a bag.
Quick and easy and lots of fun. Chris did this scarf as a trial for the 'hands on weaving' part of the Scarf Expo coming up in June

And Joan has multi-dyed several skeins of wool for the same purpose. Something to look forward to.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Guild Day 9 April 2014

Still buzzing from Stacey's workshop, weavers  had responsibility for hosting the Marlborough Creative Fibre Guild Day on Wednesday. Everyone was asked to wear something yellow and, although it was quite a challenge for most, almost everyone did find something. Here are the weaverly items from show and tell. Thank you Joan for doing the showing.
This is Joan's generous sized scarf in turned Ms & Os.  
Win produced this very open weave wrap with the alpaca yarn she really loves.

This started life as a demo piece, Tricia finished it off to make a cheery winter scarf

June has been creative in warping up this scarf using multiple threadings to good effect

Chris enjoyed playing with a 'one only' skein of yarn and made this scarf fringed on all sides
Rose has been playing with silk
 Jan (hiding), Joan and Chris show some of the samples from Stacey's workshop. To anyone who was not there they may seem a bit strange but the participants were excited about the effects obtained.

Well done with the yellow hat trim Chris!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Texture Workshop with Stacey Harvey-Brown

On 4h & 5th of April a group of weavers and felters had an intense workshop with emphasis on texture with UK weaver Stacey Harvey-Brown. Esmae and Shirley came over from Nelson to join us.  I think we gave Stacey a few surprises.

Can't you just hear that laugh!
Here we are: clockwise from top left - Joan, Jen, June, Tricia, Chris, Judy, Esmae, Noelene.
Rose was not quite absent, she was behind the camera.
And here are the felters: Christine H, Christine M, Pam, Cherrie, Shirley
and Jan who had her tapestry weaving hat on part time.
Clever Stacey managed to round us up for a group photo before she left. It includes Win who made a great Gofer for the occasion.. At the bottom Cherrie is giving Feltima a face-lift. Is that a botox injection Cherrie? But perhaps it is a felting needle.  Then there is Agnes sitting quietly in the background and relaxing - yes really! The only other time I have heard her more quiet is when she lost her voice.  The two travellers have moved on towards Oxford, North Canterbury where they will set up their Nature in the Making exhibition before heading to Dunedin for the Festival.

Maybe more from the workshop when some of the works in progress have been washed, mashed, manipulated or otherwise tortured.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Out and About

On 17 March (St Patrick's Day, not that we noticed) instead of having a regular meeting, eight of us travelled to Nelson and took in a few galleries and met friends doing the same.  Changing Threads at the Refinery Artspace was a big drawcard and for those who get excited about mixed media art there was plenty to see and ponder over.  Two of our felter friends had work accepted, Christine Marks with a set of little brightly coloured teapots, one for every day of the week, and Cherrie Mitchell had a large nautilis shell shaped piece with extremely detailed texture. Well done girls.  For weavers (or for me at least) the best woven pieces were two small tapestries by Trish Armour.

A visit to Fibre Spectrum lasted longer than we intended as we met Sue Broad who had attended a Stacey Harvey-Brown workshop in Northland. She had her samples to show us and that's where we got really excited. Thank you Sue. Now we look forward to Stacey's workshop here on 4 & 5 April.

Out to Mapua, we made a visit to Joint Works Studio to see weaver Jane Clark and her woodworker and photographer husband Tony.  Jane is Anne Field's daughter and she had just taken delivery of Anne's last book from the printer -- Learn to Weave with Anne Field. We were able to buy a copy for our library and were delighted with the quality and content of it and the many colourful photos. A perfect book for a new weaver and a lovely reminder of Anne.