Saturday, 29 April 2017

Entwine - Creative Fibre Festival, Christchurch April 2017

Interrupting the tranquil activities of the countryside with news of when the Marlborough "Country Cousins" went to town. Many of our Guild members attended the Festival in Christchurch, at least 18 of them in one motel complex and many others elsewhere. Several members had work accepted for the exhibition and Win Currie and Chris Beech won well deserved awards for their work. Even more exciting, Joan McLauchlan was awarded Life Membership at the AGM. 

The Marlborough Mead Divas had worked hard to collaborate on an entry in the Medieval themed Runway Show, and it succeeded to stunning effect. The Top of the South did well in this segment, providing about a third of the entries. Well done all.

Here are some photos of some of the team celebrating with shared drinks and nibbles.


Friday, 14 April 2017

Guild Dye Day

Remembering Dye Days of the past, many Guild members were looking forward to a day in the Marlborough sunshine with dyepots bubbling in the woolshed at Burnside, Wairau Valley where Joan was our hostess. Newer members did not know what to expect but were excited to find out.
It didn't happen the way it was planned with the after effects of a cyclone bringing rain, rain and more rain!  However, with Joan's house richly furnished with textiles handwoven by Joan herself and more collected from her overseas travels, there was a wealth of inspiration to keep us all absorbed.  
Some dyeing did happen, in Joan's new kitchen which was only hours old. With a  microwave oven and an electric frypan - non-food appliances, designated for dyeing - various yarns and fibres were sprayed, sprinked, dipped, painted, wrapped, heated, washed or whatever and colour magically appeared. Here are a few pics of the activity. More of show and tell in a few days.