Monday, 24 February 2014

Weaving Display at Girling Building

It's the Weavers' turn to mount a display at the Girling Building in Brayshaw Park and we believe we have set up a good overview of our weaving over the years.  From the ground up we have floor rugs, a cushion, a throw and a baby blanket. Then there are garments, ancient and almost modern (well, let's say 'timeless design'). A tablecloth, tea towel and handtowel show some finer work and all this is topped off with a lace-edged curtain. Of course there is a loom taking centre stage. Here are a few photos, but please do go and have a look and urge your friends to do likewise.


This display will be in place for some time but don't forget to go and see it soon.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

You want Inspiration?

Try this:
It's the facebook page of Agnes Hauptli and Stacey Harvey-Brown, two Complex  Weavers who have an exhibition coming up, starting in New Zealand and then heading to Europe.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

February Meeting

Some very intense discussions resulted from members giving opinions on 'what can I use this yarn for?' when all sorts of novelty yarns came out from people's stash.  Many had been bought in the excitement Festivals but hadn't translated into masterpieces at home. Perhaps some ideas will have been triggered. Unfortunately the photographer must have gone to sleep during this part of the meeting!
Here is some show and tell though:
The Guild meeting had called for hand made hearts and this is June's contribution. It is embroidered on a rectangle which will be joined into a ring to enclose the scarf.
Win had just completed this excercise in fine overshot weaving for a baby blanket and asked for advice on finishing the edges. The general concensus was for a small plain hem each end and leave the selvedges sides alone. Unusually for overshot Win used white for the pattern and colours for the warp and tabby weft. The effict is delicate and glowing.
Joan had woven this fine dark warp with a soft grey handspun. We will have to wait and see what it turns into.
Just off the loom and not yet washed, Jen had woven this table runner to enter a Black & Coloured Sheep competition. It is a huck pattern and will look great when it is washed. Again the advice given was for plain hems rather than fringes.
No mistaking who brought along the wool and mohair crackle throw. This one has Chris's name written all over it.
A Victorian lace collar . Who would know it was felt? Well done Joan.
And another felt item from Joan. She's not really gritting her teeth!


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Heritage Day at the Park 2014

Once again our Guild participated in the Open Day held at Brayshaw Park on Waitangi Day, 6 February.  Spinners and Weavers were there in approximately equal numbers and the public came in droves!  It seems a lot of publicity had preceded the event this year and people responded by coming to see and ask questions. It is certainly the busiest Heritage Day we can remember.

 These young girls had already tried their hands at weaving and then became entranced with Joan's felting.
 Jan insists she is not a loom weaver (tapestry and inkle weaving are her fields) but she did a great job of entertaining the public when others ran out of steam!
Chris spent a great deal of the day demonstrating on this loom . . . sorry I was too busy on another one to get a photo of her. The 'Blooming Leaf' design fascinated a lot of people and also the fact that beautiful things can be made from quite small weavings.

There was a display of greeting cards on the creative fibre theme - lots of them in a great variety of techniques.  These are three of the most weaverly ones. More photos of the display to come. It will also be on show on Guild Day on 12 February.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wrapping up the January Meeting

 Joan is wrapped up in a work-in-progress being knitted in fancy yarns by Tricia. What a cheerful sight!
 Jen's latest work is a set of tablemats woven in cotton.
Thanks to Chris for all of the photos so far. Now we have some from Nancy, taken with her IPad. Everyone looks quite serious.

Here are two of Chris's looms and some of her stash. Chris has a fantastic weavery space and certainly makes good use of it.

An inspiring day. Thank you Chris.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

More News from January Gathering

Judy brought along several items . . . all of them gorgeous.  Just look at this beautiful scarf in 30/2 silk at 36 epi.  The pattern is an 8 shaft Gebrochene draft from the Twill Thrills book.

Judy is SO good at these allover patterns. Here is another, this time a runner in cottons.
 Another cotton runner from Judy, this time Big, Bright and Beautiful (but quite hard to get the colour right in a photograph.) Here are a couple of shots of it from another occasion when she visited Peg, These give a fairly accurate idea of the colours.

 Tune in again soon - there are more photos to come.