Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Sooner or later it happens to all of us.
This time it's Win's turn. After several successful alpaca warps,all of a sudden this one fought back. Yes, it was a different batch of yarn.
Win may not be able to hang out washing for a while; most of her pegs seem to be otherwise occupied.
And Rose is not immune to the odd overfilled bobbin.

Oh well, "keep calm and carry on."

Friday, 18 January 2013

Message from Rose January 2013

Hear Ye . . . Hear Ye . . .
Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for lots of weaving.

Sorry I cannot be at the gathering at Joan’s on 26th Jan, so here is my tuppence worth.

I suggest you all meet at Bobbin Cottage about 11 am and car pool. Take your lunch.  If anyone has anything to add about the day, hit “reply all” and send a message out. Don’t forget to let June and Dawn know if there is anything further. I will see that they get this message.

Joan and I have agreed to share the leadership of the Weaving Group this year.  Joan will run the meetings and I will do the emails and whatever.  We will both expect help from all and sundry when we ask for it.  And we look forward to your suggestions.

Many thanks to Tricia holding the fort for us for so long and for coping on her own after Sue left.

I have booked Bobbin Cottage for our meetings on the third Monday of each month from February to November. June, July and August I have booked for daytime and the rest for evenings.  I am aware that we may want to change venues at times and in the winter may possibly want to have the daytime meetings at a weekend, but we will face those changes as and when they happen and presumably make adjustments with the park office.

Will somebody please take some photos at Joan’s – and also at other times. I am planning on keeping the blog going.  I’m also thinking I should put these notices on the blog. What do you think?

You will get a newsletter before the February Guild meeting (13th) but to give you advance notice the theme will be beads.  Bring bead show and tell as well as any hand made beads . . . fabric/fimo/paper/bread (yes, bread, for those of us old enough to remember). Also be prepared to show/talk about how you can use beads in your work.  Also, those who are participating in the “Transformation” project with the Museum, please take along your work in progress.

I will be back on the afternoon ferry on 1 Feb and will be in the Picton Shop on 2nd.  I will also be handling the January payments at that time for Nancy who is being whisked off on a romantic cruise to celebrate her “coming of age.”  Have a great time Nancy . . . and right now Barbara will be having a great time in Antarctica!  There should be some fascinating holiday stories to share.  Speaking of the shop, I will share with you my one purchase to date.  I have been in the habit of buying one little angel each Christmas and just fell in love with these button jobs. I just had to have the middle one. (In fact I bought two this Christmas; don't you love "Hark-the-Herald" above?)

Last Item: what are you going to enter in the 2013 Festival Exhibition?  Now, come on . . . we expected everyone to support our festival and exhibition so we now need to make an effort for the Wellington team and support them. You need to start now!

Lecture over. Happy weaving and a creative and productive 2013.