Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wrapping up the year

Meetings are finished for 2016 but still the work is being produced. Here is Win's beautifully woven tapestry of Havelock. Artistically framed by a professional, it looks superb. Congratulations Win.
 Rose has done very little weaving this year but has managed to fit in another alpaca/silk wrap as none of the previous ones have hung around very long. This one is the vibrant "peacock" colour.
 In what has become an annual outing, Rose's "Litehaus" which was made for an exhibition some years ago is hanging again in a Christmas Lights display at St Andrew's Church. For the first time ever it is lit the way it was planned to be lit with a flickering "flame" inside at the top. It also has three streams of fairy lights hanging down through the column constructed of sequins trapped in fine cotton and lurex double weave pockets.

 That's a wrap for 2016. Warm Christmas wishes and happy holidays to all.