Monday, 30 March 2015

March Meeting

Goodness, March is almost over already. Here are the photos for the meeting held on the 16th.

Really cool springtime looking teatowels brought along by Noelene. Where is everyone else's work?
New member Neta brought along her partly threaded loom for the second time. This time she went home with it completely threaded. It's amazing how quickly these tasks can go with an extra pair of hands.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

SAORI WEAVING with Barbara Johnson

In response to an invitation from Birgite a group of Marlborough Weavers gathered at Birgite's lovely home and garden to meet Barbara Johnson from Australia to see and hear about the saori weaving she has been doing lately. Barbara has been an accomplished weaver for many years but when her health had a set-back she was unable to manage the conventional complex weaving she was used to. She attended a workshop on saori weaving and has found that it suits her admirably and she loves doing it. Here are some photos of work she has produced.

These are not holes, they are "windows."
 Barbara is wearing one of her saori pieces
 and explaining how it is done.
Barbara and Birgite check out Win's scarf. Unwittingly Win has used some saori techniques.

After a picnic lunch  we enjoyed a stroll around Birgite's extensive riverside garden. What a pleasant day it was!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

More from February

Here are some photos from the February meeting.  It was really great to have fifteen of us sitting around the table. This included two new members and we look forward to watching their weaving skills develop.
 Barbara, Kathy and Anne  are interested in what Chris has to say about her crackle cushion covers.
 Tricia knits a sock while new member Kathy and Anne investigate Joan's scarf.
 The scarf moves on to Jenny, Barbara and Chris who are obviously delighted with it.
 Betsy had one woven and one knitted scarf to show, both lovely and soft to handle.
 Judy holds up Rose's alpaca/silk wrap while Win and Jan look on.
Jan has been busy tapestry weaving and had two finished pieces.
Neta is at her first weavers' meeting and probably wondering what she has let herself in for.
See them, and more show and tell items in the next post.