Saturday, 30 January 2016

January 2016 Part 2

Note the placement of the handles on this generous-sized bag of Win's. There was some debate about the various positions they can be attached.

This close-up shows the texture of the rayon chenille Win used.
A different result when handles are attached in a different place.
Betsy bought this bag some time ago but was not happy with it. Some advice about where to attach the handles fixed the problem.
Rose had made these from a bandana and a scarf at the beginning of the year. So far no hand woven model has been made from the pattern but there is always hope!
Jen had made this rag weave piece under June's instruction but had not made it up. After discussion and advice she decided to make a cushion with it.
To leave the fringe on or not? That is the question.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy New Year

I'm not sure what happened to November and December. Our weavers were as active as ever but the photographer must have dozed off - so sorry for the long blank.
2016 started off with a picnic gathering at Win's place on January 18th.  We had planned to work on bags during 2015 and the plan was to bring the results to this meeting. We didn't expect too much as quite a few of us had been either slacking or working on other projects.  However, a good number of people turned up and most if not all brought a bag of some description. Here is the first installment. Others will follow in the next couple of posts.
 Judy's bag is a work in progress. Woven in linen with an overshot pattern, it is laid out with specific sizes for front, back, sides and handles. It's a superb piece of fabric.
 Jan had so many bags to show. In the centre, above, is a basket/bag needle-woven over a cardboard carton. Warps from the top opening are cut and darned in with inkle woven handles added. The bottom must be slightly tricky with warps going in two directions. Inside the basket and on the left is a felted bag and on the right a beautifully embroidered purse with an inkle woven handle.
 Nancy had been travelling before Christmas and had found an intriguing bag at a market in Budapest.
 Zip, zip, zip and it is undone. It is made of two very long zips.
 And in Edinburgh of course she had to buy tartan.
 Noelene was extolling the praises of this bag which is described as a duffel bag, though most of us saw it as a knitting or sports bag. 
This one has had a long life and Noelene has taken it apart and re-made it rather than disposing of it.

More soon