Saturday, 25 January 2014

2014 Off to a good Start

2014 has begun well for the group with a meeting at Chris Beech's inspirational house, weavery and garden. Thank you Chris for your hospitality.

Win brought along an overshot sample for a baby blanket and it was used to demonstrate a crochet/looping technique for tidying up a loose selvedge which had been a topic of conversation at an earlier meeting.  Here it is in mid demo . . .

On this occasion Dot was present and brought one of her many joyfully coloured blankets. How many is that you have made now Dot?  I do hope her family realise how lucky they are to have this contast supply of colour and warmth.

More photos soon . . . there's a lot happening.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Exhibition at Fibre Spectrum, Nelson

For the month of January four Top of the South members of the Professional Weavers' Network are  having a small exhibition called Simply Weaving in Fibre Spectrum, Trafalgar Street, Nelson. Rose and Peg are joining with Sue Broad from Nelson and Jane Clark from Mapua  to show our work and do a little bit to raise awareness of PWN.
 This is Rose's corner
 And this is Jane's.
 Here are two of Peg's damask pieces
 and two which include Japanese paper, alongside  a hanging of Sue's woven with reflective threads.
And the wrap and scarf are Sue's also.  Obscured above is a stunning deflected double weave scarf of Sue's.

Although the exhibition is listed for the whole of January, as items are sold they may be taken away so if you want to see it I suggest you do so sooner rather than later.

More photos on and Rose's