Saturday, 28 September 2013

Show and Tell in September

 These days much of Win's work can be identified by her signature crochet medallions.  This time the flowers are surrounding small 'windows' of unwoven warp.
Win came in for some good-natured ribbing for bringing a piece of felting to the weaving group. She had a great time learning to make it and here Chris shows it off to good effect.
Jen had been adventurous and used one of the patterns from a workshop to make a scarf in a mix of wool and cotton.  She is musing about daffodils but others were thinking sage and primroses.
Rose had fulfilled a long-held ambition to weave fabric fine enough for a handkerchief.  Here it is, surrounded by tatting, also worked in a fine cotton. Now what to do with it?  And the rest of the fabric . . . more handkerchiefs?  Why?

The red piece is woven with an even finer weft than the white. Unfortunately the reed marks have not washed out in either piece.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sorting the colours

Not as easy as you would think, even with this vast array to choose from.
Here is how some of them worked out.

One useful tip was to usethe picture upside down so that you look at the colours without being distracted by the picture.  Another discussion was the difference when choosing a dominant colour scheme for a project where you can ignore a few colours of little significance to the whole compared with choosing colours for a tapestry representation where it is necessary to include every colour.

Next time will be show and tell.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Weavers' September Meeting

It was a small weaving family that met on 16 September, many of our members being away travelling or having other commitments.  However, Chris took charge and kept us all busy.
 Chris had raided her stash of art pictures and calendars for us and also raided all the paint shops in town by the look of the colour samples she provided for us to choose from.
 Working in pairs we first chose a picture and then analysed the colour scheme and found swatches to match.

You will see the results in the next post in a few days.

Monday, 9 September 2013

More from our August Workshop

We had a merry mixture of weaves to try.  There were eight looms and most had multiple threadings. Here are some of the results.

At the end of day two the samples were cut from the looms and each person took their own pieces home for finishing.  This is where the careful labelling paid off.