Friday, 28 November 2014

November Show and Tell

 Chris is our crackle expert. Here she is showing the two different sides of her latest double-faced rug.
And a close-up. Unusually for Chris, this rug incorporates her handspun yarn, brightened up with flecks of cheerful colours.
Also by Chris, this scarf is enriched with silk brought back from Nepal by husband Ross on a trip some time ago. It looks as though Chris is doing some serious stash-busting. Keep it up Chris.
Rose had produced two red alpaca/silk scarves in different designs of 3-end huck lace which she considers more suitable for this dainty yarn than the 5-end version.

That's it for now. Happy holidays everyone. Don't forget to keep weaving.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The End (of the year) is Nigh!

We're definitely not ready for Christmas - so no Christmas tree - but a little end of year frivolity and a toast to a very good year.  We met for the last time this year on 17 November and had fun exchanging pincushions over a glass of bubbles.
 Tricia was delighted to receive this one made by Judy and covered with fine handwoven fabric. It has a complementary colour on the other side.
 Joan was all smiles when she received this felted model made by Jan. It looks like a flower opening.
 Win had to take the lid of her tatting trimmed one to find the pincushion inside. Made by Rose.
 And in a tit-for-tat situation Rose received Win's model. It is nuno felted on to handwoven fabric and has a nifty handle.
 Jan was delighted to get Joan's pincushion handwoven with silk fabric strips, originally woven for wedding waistcoats.
 Chris has a 'multi-sample' model made by Tricia using many offcuts of handwoven fabrics, beautifully sewn and decoratively stitched.
 Anne is holding another model with a handle (to hang by the loom). This is made by Chris and will go to Judy who was not able to be present.
A close-up of the above showing the lovely plump shape arrived at by clever cutting. Scaled up considerably, wouldn't it make a comfortable floor cushion!

A few show and tell photos to come in another post shortly.