Thursday, 24 March 2011

March Meeting: Thick and Thin

The topic for the March meeting was thick and thin. Unfortunately my camera batteries ran out before I could photograph many of the examples people brought in. These are the few I did get.
June's "Scotch Thistle" in thick and thin yarns in three-shaft pick-up, which she assured us is an easy technique. Sides A and B.
Tricia's scarf with the yarns she used to make it.
A favourite blanket weave from Rose. In this case, the 'thick' is boucle.
(EDIT: Rose wasn't sure about this photo, but Blog Mum understands the difficulty of photographing fluffy textiles with autofocus. Plus, what weaver can resist the lovely loops in this cloth, right?)

by Rose Pelvin

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

February Meeting: Setting the Programme at Tricia's

We met on Saturday at the home of Tricia who is one of our group's co-leaders this year. Unfortunately Sue, the other leader couldn't be there. What an inspiration to be faced with colour, colour, colour, yarns, yarns, yarns and books, books, books! Thank you Tricia for allowing us to delve into your treasures and inspect everything. As Chris pointed out, there could be a whole workshop/study on your cushions alone! Sorry I didn't get to take photos of show and tell. I must have been awe-struck!

Tricia checks the agenda for the day

June is fascinated by the array of Rowan yarns

Noeline and her daughter Sonya sitting with Anne. So glad you haven't moved to Christchurch yet Anne.

Joan made herself comfortable to have a browse among the books.

Sonya's socks which she knitted herself.

by Rose Pelvin

Meanwhile, Blog Mum has been tardy in organizing the multi-part post from the last meeting of 2010 held in November. They will be coming soon-ish.