Thursday, 23 June 2011

June Meeting: Reviewing the Maryanne Stamford Workshop

Winter weariness (or over commitment) seems to have set in, so it was a small group who enjoyed the June Weavers' meeting. It was an informal, cosy, round-table meeting with plenty of time for conversation. Win gave a summary of the Maryanne Stamford workshop and those who had attended added their comments and observations. All who had attended had found it a challenge and more complex than expected, but had learned a lot and were glad they had taken the opportunity to attend.
Win's first sample is now off the loom. She has tried various background patterns and even a small amount of pick-up.
Chris had several pattern variations to choose from that Maryanne had printed out using the PCW sotfware. This one appealed and is looking good on the loom. Keep up the good work Chris.
Although not at the meeting, Meg was overjoyed that tie down did need not be in tabby, though it took some time and energy to figure out why her "twills" didn't show up as well as Win's. 
Show and Tell was rather thin on the ground but Rose showed off her recently made Jacket. The fabric is from 'way back' and when asked when she had woven it, Rose thought is was one of her 'more recent' pieces, maybe from about five years ago. She fibbed! Research into the archives shows it was woven in June/July 2001! And no, there is no moth damage (and yes, there's more where that came from.) Lots of helpful ideas were forthcoming about buttons/fastening etc, and brownie points were awarded for the Thai silk scarf.
A closeup shows the 8 shaft twill blocks (2-1-2-3) woven as a goose-eye. The warp and weft are the same, a VERY fine wool singles, used double and still set at 24e.p.i. (My friend Sue Broad challenged me with this yarn.) The warp was 33 inches in the reed and 6 yards long. A supplementary warp at the change of direction is a boucle knitting wool with a metallic silver thread through it.

Conscious of the Festival coming to Marlborough in 2012, it's time to start getting serious about wearing our work. Remember, YOU are the FASHION!

by Rose Pelvin