Thursday, 25 November 2010

"Friday Night Rain", by Meg Nakagawa

Sometimes this weaver stops gabbing and gets off the computer and weaves. 

The warp is 110/2 (2/17) merino; the weft is merino/mohair mix.  Both were commercially dyed in the same/similar color schemes of lavender/lilac/purple/dark forest green.    I used three short similar-but-different drafts, weaving sometimes from the top of the draft, sometimes from the bottom, to add variation in the structure.  (In retrospect, some parts look like weaving mistakes!) This combination of yarns usually creates a light, almost lacy cloth, but this piece turned out a little heftier in comparison.

I imagine running to a social function after work on Friday night, in a city somewhere like Tokyo; rain starts to descend, but the spirit is filled with anticipation/celebration.    

I love dressing looms and weaving, but not quite fringing, so this sat under the living room couch for over a month, which is not very long by my standards! 

by Meg Nakagawa

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Weave It, Felt It - Part 4

A number of throw rugs from Chris, Joan and Rose were hung in pairs between the stained glass windows on one side of the church.

On the other side were long hangings from Peg. This was a popular one with the public.

More of Peg's work was hung in the front of the church

by Rose Pelvin

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Weave It, Felt It - Part 3

Linda (and another Linda and another Linda) stood outside all day, beckoning the the visitors into the display.
This year the display overflowed into the church. Ou rwell-dressed models pointed the way.
 Meg's re-purposed red wrap and Adie's knitted and felted bag adorned the "red corner".
One of the small "designer" flax baskets from Denise
Rose's red and white runner was a reminder that Christmas is coming.

by Rose Pelvin

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Weave It, Felt It - Part 2

One of Win's signature "frilled" scarves, mainly alpaca and silk
but felted merino on one edge to create the curves.
Judy's Bronson Lace scarf, woven in the softest cashmere - lovely to handle.
Deflected Double Weave makes the rich pattern in this red and gold scarf from Judy
“Underwater Fantasy No 2”, Merino wall panel by Christine
Two eye-catching evening wraps from Denise. One is nuno felted.
"Flotsam" wrap by Christine. Nuno felted, with some of the fabric cut away.
"Medusa's Slippers", felted wool with snakes! People loved these!

by Rose Pelvin

Monday, 8 November 2010

Weave It, Felt It

Win's handwoven wool wrap and Rose's indigo-dyed cotton tray cloth.

Sue's window hanging, inlay in fine white wool.

Chris's "Blue Yonder" throw rug showing changing blue tones.

Judy's "Two Greys" scarf in deflected double weave

One of Denise's "Seaweed" Necklaces

One of Katie's stunning felted collars

Christine's felted animal print bag with plaited leather handle, and scarf to match.
And Adie's triangular felted bag.

Wendy's collection of colourful felted balls was popular and
rather depleted by the time I took the photo.

by Rose Pelvin