Monday, 1 January 2001

Blog Post Ideas for Marlborough Weavers

  • My first/newest/best/worst/favorite loom/meeting/teacher/workshop/festival experience.
  • My first/newest/best/worst/favorite equipment/piece. My studio/workshop/weaving room/weavery/heaven, including mess/stash.
  • Why/when I started to weave, including life before Marlborough Weavers, if I had one.
  • Remembering weaving friends/teachers/piece. Also a follow up story.
  • Something that didn’t work, or required a long time or reworking. Because we've all been there.
  • Visiting other weavers/weaving shops/weaving/exhibitions. Trips to textile places/regions of interest.
  • My open studio/shop, especially if visitors are welcome. If visitors are allowed, the post requires access or contact info; I can add a link to a map if you'd like.
  • Specific weave structures/fibres/dyes/techniques, including commonly used textile terms, weaving books/magazines, or equipment manufacturers and yarn sources.
  • Colors. Seasons.
  • Book reviews of weaving/textile books/magazines/articles. Also, novels/biographies/essays/films/docos/DVD and podcasts with weaving contents.
  • Photographs/drawings/sketches/collages reminiscent of or which inspire textiles. Cones or skeins lined up while considering arrangements, warp chains, or swatches.
  • My student/new weaver; how I teach/taught, good or bad examples.
  • “How I (do something)”, e.g. how I dress my loom, either a long post or serialized.
  • My other (math/science/music, whatever!!) life and how that influences my weaving.
  • My weaving record keeping.
  • How I mix "other" things with my weaving, e.g. new or old technology, "equipment" from other crafts/sports/kitchen, etc.
  • Simple recipes, particularly baking.

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