Friday, 6 February 2009

Welcome to Our/Your Blog

Hello, Marlborough Weavers!

This blog belongs to all of us, so please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions. And if you spot grammatical/spelling errors, do please let me know.


A blog (or a weblog) is a chronological website. It's like a reverse scroll, where the newest information is added to the top, and the older information moves towards the bottom. We call each of these units of information "posts".

Because there is a limit to how many posts can be seen on the first page, older posts will eventually be moved to the second and third pages. You can still read them by either clicking on the worlds "older posts" at the very bottom of the screen; this phrase will not appear until we have accumulated enough posts. You can also search for a particular post, or look into the archives, but more on these later. Please remember that old posts are not deleted.

The left 2/3 of this screen, where the posts appear, is the main, contents part of the blog. This is where your pictures and words will appear. The right 1/3 is called the sidebar, and this is the convenience part of the blog; it contains pertinent information and links, some intended for visitors to our blog, some intended for us.


Our blog is a platform to showcase Marlborough Weavers, the group, individual weavers and our work. So the star attraction, the reason people want to visit us here, is you and your weaving.

There is no restrictions on the topics, the length of texts, or the number of photographs per post, or on the number of posts per weaver, as long as all is in good taste, but I'm not worried about this knowing you ladies. (And lads.) Just be mindful of photographs with faces; please get the approval to post the photos on the Internet from everybody in the photographs before you send them to me.

If it's hard for you to come up with a topic, may I suggest introducing your latest piece of weaving? Take pictures, while on the loom, and after it's finished, and tell me the fibre contents, size, colours, draft, draft source, loom, whatever you'd like, and voilĂ , there is your first content.

If you have a mainly-weaving website or a blog, let's put a link in the sidebar; tell me your URL. If you are familiar with blogging and would like to post directly, please drop me a line.


If you are weaving something for Timaru, make sure you take plenty of photos. And here's a different kind of opportunity to show your work to the world; why not post your photos on both places?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me, (click on the words "email me"), or write to me at PO Box 1752, Nelson.

Please remember: "nice frock mode" and "dribs and drabs".

Blog Mum

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