Monday, 16 February 2009

February Meeting

The February meeting was held at Bobbin Cottage on tonight; it was co-chaired by Chris and Joan.

This year's challenge is bags, and several weavers brought bags made of handwoven fabrics, one handwoven basket-style bag with tapa cloth attached on the outside, and several machine-woven bags whose construction can be replicated with handwoven fabrics, and one with an interesting feature. We also looked at some examples in the Handwoven magazine. The bags will not be exchanged at the end of the year, but we will have a big show-and-tell during our November meeting, or earlier if we finish our projects earlier. Everybody was inspired and a few were already designing their bags in their heads.

Then, yours truly was given the chance to address the group to explain about the Marlborough Weavers blog and asked that it be adopted as our official website, and it was. Thank you.

This was followed by everybody stating their projects or goals for the year, which was recorded by Joan. We are required to report back at our November meeting whether we were able to complete the project or achieve the goals, and if possible show the fruits of our labour to the group.

Lastly, we had our show-and-tell. I apologize there is no photo accompanying this post, as I forgot to bring my camera.

by Meg Nakagawa


EstherNZ said...

Hello to all Marlborough Weavers! The blog site looks great Meg - well done. I have it on my "watchlist" now and will be reading each new post. I am looking forward to seeing photos of work I would not otherwise get a chance to see. Happy Weaving!

Meg in Nelson said...

Hi, Esther. Yeah, it was nice to get the official nod. It needs a bit more tweaking still to make it kinder to this particular group, but I hope it gets continued readership, and exposure to the weavers' work.

By the way, may I give you the official MW Fan Membership Number 0001? I am expecting great stuff here! So, yes, watch this space.