Monday, 9 February 2009

It's Your Turn

Marlborough Weavers, Chris described this blog as a challenge; I didn't mean it like that, but there it is. My challenge.

I challenge you to give me contents for blog posts; short (or long), succinct posts showcasing your work for a start. And what's required for a short (or long), succinct post?
  1. A title. It can be the name of the piece, e.g. "Midnight", or a brief description of the piece, e.g. "Black Merino Shawl".
  2. One or more picture/s of your piece. At least one picture (if not more, of different views) of your completed piece, please. To use an overused, 90's managerism term, I think it looks more professional to have photos of the finished piece. However, as weavers we are partial to on-the-loom shots, and/or loom-and-equipment shots, and these would be nice additions. Other possibilities include photos of paintings, gardens, whatever inspired you to weave the particular piece, (and what an interesting comparison!), as well as of yourself.
  3. Text: a few words about what the piece is, material, weave structure, sett/pick, loom/equipment, or draft source would be nice. You can also write about your inspiration and design process, or about yourself and your weaving life.
The blog can be anything you want it to be. So these are just guidelines, not rules set in stone. For example, you might want to write about your favorite color or the worst sticky-shed nightmare. If you have no relevant photos, no problem, but a recent photo of you would be just as lovely.

Another example: if you would like to show the entire process of how you wove, dyed, or embellished a piece, by all means let's post photos every step of the way, culminating in the completed-piece photo.

I hope there is enough here to get you thinking about a post featuring you and your work. I hope you think it's a fun challenge.

Ideally, I am looking for photos as JPG file attachment, and the text embedded in the body of an email. However, I will take anything you can give me, so other format photos, physical photos, a real scarf, a handwritten story, anything will do. Please let's discuss.

I will automatically put a copyright mark with your name on the photographs, unless you tell me it was photographed by another person. I will automatically put your name at the end of the post, unless you tell me the text was written by someone else. In the end I decided against putting all of your personal email addresses with your posts, or on the sidebar, because it could potentially invite SPAM emails. Instead, correspondences will be addressed to this blog and forwarded manually. I hope this works. And please remember to ask permissions when posting photos with faces, before you send me the photos.

Blog Mum

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