Monday, 24 February 2014

Weaving Display at Girling Building

It's the Weavers' turn to mount a display at the Girling Building in Brayshaw Park and we believe we have set up a good overview of our weaving over the years.  From the ground up we have floor rugs, a cushion, a throw and a baby blanket. Then there are garments, ancient and almost modern (well, let's say 'timeless design'). A tablecloth, tea towel and handtowel show some finer work and all this is topped off with a lace-edged curtain. Of course there is a loom taking centre stage. Here are a few photos, but please do go and have a look and urge your friends to do likewise.


This display will be in place for some time but don't forget to go and see it soon.

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