Sunday, 9 February 2014

Heritage Day at the Park 2014

Once again our Guild participated in the Open Day held at Brayshaw Park on Waitangi Day, 6 February.  Spinners and Weavers were there in approximately equal numbers and the public came in droves!  It seems a lot of publicity had preceded the event this year and people responded by coming to see and ask questions. It is certainly the busiest Heritage Day we can remember.

 These young girls had already tried their hands at weaving and then became entranced with Joan's felting.
 Jan insists she is not a loom weaver (tapestry and inkle weaving are her fields) but she did a great job of entertaining the public when others ran out of steam!
Chris spent a great deal of the day demonstrating on this loom . . . sorry I was too busy on another one to get a photo of her. The 'Blooming Leaf' design fascinated a lot of people and also the fact that beautiful things can be made from quite small weavings.

There was a display of greeting cards on the creative fibre theme - lots of them in a great variety of techniques.  These are three of the most weaverly ones. More photos of the display to come. It will also be on show on Guild Day on 12 February.

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