Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Huck Striped Scarf, by Noelene Gratoon

Part 1 of my 12-part self imposed challenge: a scarf in Rayon with Huck stripes taken directly from Handwoven Magazine Jan/Feb 2005.


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Two Presents, by Meg Nakagawa

Because cashmere yarns are expensive, I cringed at the idea of putting a warp on my big loom, but I had special projects. With gnawing tennis elbows on both arms, I could weave only 15 minutes at a time, so the selvedges are something shocking. But it's nice to finish.
This is for my friend Tim, a 50th birthday present, which was due November, 2008.
This is for my mother, who requested something with hearts on about a year ago.

They're both around 8 inches wide and 2 meters long. 


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Challenge from Rose

Our Guild has helped to freshen up one of the model shops in the Brayshaw Park complex in return for an opportunity to display work there from time to time. At last I have found a home for some of the wallpaper I have been hoarding for 40 years. Now I issue a challenge for a weaver (or weavers) to make a stair carpet to complete the upgrade.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Waitangi Day Heritage Day at Brayshaw Park - 4

In case you don't recognise it, this is a fish.
And in case you don't see what this critter is going to be, here is a picture of it. Yes, it's a cat.
The Ikat weaving which began its life following a workshop in November 2010.
And here it is finished.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Waitangi Day Heritage Day at Brayshaw Park - 3

Although there were only a few weavers present on Heritage Day, there were several different techniques to be seen.
Colourful blankets outside provided a welcome.
Inside were table linens and the ubiquitous scarves.
Inkle weaving, bright and cheerful.
Tapestry; traditional technique, modern design and zingy colours.


Monday, 13 February 2012

Waitangi Day Heritage Day at Brayshaw Park - 2

Joan ponders on the usefulness or otherwise of some of the old looms.
The ikat warp on this loom has been almost finished for a year. It has stayed there because no one wants to see an empty loom. Now Joan is using it to demonstrate...
...and finally cut it off.
Look - it fits!
Rose does tend to get wrapped up in her weaving.


Friday, 10 February 2012

Waitangi Day Heritage Day at Brayshaw Park - 1

On 6 February, Waitangi Day there is always a 'Heritage Day' at Brayshaw Park and the groups who have their 'home' there are expected to open their doors to the public and reveal the mysteries of their crafts. While the name above our door says Beavertown Hall, to our Guild members this place has always been, and still is known as Bobbin Cottage.
Win represented the Tapestry group with her almost-finished group challenge work. On a visit to Win's home in July we saw the yarns for this piece which Win had just dyed.
Chis and Joan used some of the time to have a sort out of the equipment. Don't ask what Chris is going to do with this relic! In fact, don't even ask what it is.
Chris also did a sterling job handing out bookmarks to advertise the upcoming Festival. Well done Chris!
Jan demonstrated inkle weaving and chatted avidly to everyone who showed an interest.