Saturday, 31 March 2012

Marblrough Weavers in the National Exhibition

May I present to you work submitted by Marlborough Weavers:

"Kingfisher", scarf in two layers, Win Currie
"A Walk on the Withers", wall-hanging, Chris Beech
"Save the Forests", rug, by Chris Beech
"Old Gold", scarf, Judy Bool
"Twilight", scarf, centre, June McKenzie
"Wind in the Tussocks", scarf, second right, June McKenzie
"Festival", wall-hanging, Peg Moorhouse. 
"Taranaki", tapestry, Win Currie
"Winter Wonderland", scarf woven in double weave, Judy Bool
"Moon Shadow", scarf, Judy Bool.
"Triple Treat", boxes, Chris Beech. Exquisite. 
"Relishing Red", bag, Tricia Jane 
"Prayers", shawl, Meg Nakagawa

Our own Rose Pelvin was the organizer of this exhibition, and she was pleased with the result, and though she didn't explicitly say it, with the collective efforts of Marlborough Weavers, no doubt.

by Meg

Sunday, 25 March 2012

And the National Exhibition is Now Open

See some pictures of the Opening on the Festival blog here, and an overview of the exhibition here. One award winning entry will be posted every day starting Tuesday.

Monday, 19 March 2012

National Exhibition

Entries/Parcels for the National Exhibition have all safely arrived at Rose's house and selection made. The opening is this 6 PM Friday, 23 March, at the Millennium Gallery, on the corner of Alfred and Seymour Streets in Blenheim. All entrants are invited.

Read more about it on the Festival Blog, and check out the picture of Rose's door at 7 in the morning!


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Doh, by Meg Nakagawa

I am brave/reckless not to practice/sample a technique I read in a book yesterday morning, but this exhibition entry is due Monday and I must get a move on.

This is called Italian Hemstitching, and I think I have seen it in other weavers' works, but I tried it for the first time, "live", as it were.