Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tapa, by Meg Nakagawa

In 2007, I was challenged by a curator to weave a series of Pacific-inspired shawls. This was my second effort in reinterpreting the Pacific tapa cloth, and her and my favorite, but it didn't fit into the rest of the exhibition and was not shown. 18 months later, mid-March, it was purchased by a couple my parents met in 1961 as a 70th birthday present, and now resides in Melbourne.

Warp and weft are possum/merino/silk mix of different widths. Because of the fuzziness of the yarn, the series proved difficult to photograph, and when hung under spotlight, it appeared dull and "bleached out". I liked that one side has a more masculine face, while the other a comparatively finer and feminine one.

by Meg Nakagawa


Rose said...

Lovely Meg, and congratulations on the sale.

Meg in Nelson said...

Thanks, Rose. Ironically, that's the only piece in 5 years I didn't mind not selling, but that's ok.