Friday, 28 August 2009

One for Daffodil Day, by Chris Beech

Wool/mohair throw rug in tones I generally avoid. Because I don't much like yellow, I have difficulty working with it, so I set myself a small challenge of weaving a rug from the assorted yellows [ex wool shop sales bins of course] in my mohair stash. Surprisingly, I was able to find enough wools for the warp also in the stash.

As I prepared my rug for the photo, my thoughts turned to the the friends and acquaintances who have suffered or are suffering from cancer, and their families. Sometimes life seems very unjust.

Today is Daffodil Day, the annual fund raiser for New Zealand Cancer Society.

by Chris Beech


Rose said...

Good one Chris, I love it. I have the same problem with yellows and a while back I tried the same challenge, but mine didn't come out elegant like yours, it's more a retro 70s model and I just want to hide it! Well done, and very topical for Daffodil Day.

Anne-Marie said...

I love it - so bright and cheery, and cosy looking.