Friday, 13 November 2009

Bags To Be, by Meg Nakagawa

Every year Marlborough Weavers have a theme or a project that members work towards during the year, and show results to the group at the end of the year. This year one of the projects has been bags, hence Win's beautiful pieces.

I, having belonged to Marlborough Weavers for three years, start thinking about these projects with gusto every February but somehow have not managed to come up with tangible results for the first two years,. So I would love to be able to show at least one bag at the last meeting of this, my third, year.

I was surprised, and impressed, that Win planned a whole weaving project with bags in mind, because I have been thinking all year about bags made of end-of-warp swatches, a kind of recycle/salvage project. Unfortunately most of my fabric pieces are extremely soft, because that is what I aim for when I weave my scarves and shawls, but I do believe there is a bag, or two, in my swatch pile somewhere.

I've exactly 14 days to come up with one!

by Meg Nakagawa


Dianne Dudfield said...

Oh yes, there's a bag there all right :)
If the fabric is too light iron a light weight vylene on the back.

Meg in Nelson said...

Hi, Dianne, And I might have to learn to put a lining properly as well. Phew...