Thursday, 23 December 2010

A message for members with yukky fibre to wash, by Rose Pelvin

Briscoes are selling mesh "shopping bags" that I thought would be ideal for washing the very dusty alpaca fibre that many of us bought at Linkwater during the year.  I bought one of these bags ages ago ($4.99) but never got around to using it and now can't find it. I bought another and sent it to my grandson for putting togs and wet beach stuff in.

Finally I bought 2 more today ($2.50 each now) and here is a picture of them in use. They each have a rubbery band which I took to be a wrist strap but have employed it to close the top of the bag.  You will see by the plimsoll line on the bath that the fibre really does need washing!

If you are looking for these bags they are up near the counter (on the floor today and not very recognisable because they are in a rolled up package.)  I expect when I rinse the fibre (and clean the bath) I will be able to hang them out in the nor'wester and have beautiful fibre in no time.  I'm not making any promises about spinning but at least I have taken the first step.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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