Friday, 7 October 2011

Area Exhibition: "Hands on Fibre" Part 1

The Nelson Marlborough Buller Area exhibition opened on Saturday at Refinery Art Space in Nelson. THE EXHIBITION HAS NOW BEEN EXTENDED BY TWO WEEKS; IT IS NOW OPEN UNTL 21ST/22ND-ISH OF OCTOBER.

Here are some of our weavers' woven pieces.  

Chris' scarf and Sue's tunic
Chris's rug
Rose's baby blankets.  She also had a black cotton scarf, which, in spite of about a dozen tries, your truly just could not photograph well. But you see it at the back of Chris's rug above.
Joan didn't want me taking a picture of her in front of her lovely scarf. but it turned out this was a good move.  We now know that by the time this photo was taken, she had already lost her necklace! 

There are a few long shots here.


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