Saturday, 21 July 2012

July Meeting 2012

Four looms were set up for three-shaft 'petit-point' pictorial weaving using a technique made popular by tutor Erica de Ruiter. June had attended a course with Erica and had practical experience so she was able to guide Noelene through the procedure.
Jen had been having some tuition from June in the three-shaft technique and was a big help to Win who was new to this method.
Chris was enthusiastic about trying something new and here she is about to begin, following the written instructions provided by Tricia. Anne and Barbara are observing at this stage though Anne also had a loom prepared which unfortunately missed out on being photographed.
First things first!  Joan, Judy and Betsy are perusing Tricia's books, looking for inspiration for a design to use. 
This is our hostess. It is always a treat to have a meeting at Tricia's as she has a wonderful collection of books and allows us to browse and borrow. Thank you Tricia.

With luck there will be some results to show next month.  Show and tell photos still to come. Keep watching.

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