Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Not Weaving, but just have to share

Weavers need a break now and then. When Chris was in Christchurch recently she found this 'gap-filler' sculpture display and it's too good not to share.
Continuing the piano theme, how about this one displayed in the Museum .
Or this, from some place unknown. Maybe not weaving but it least it has a textile component.
Happy weaving. I hope the wet weather has given you an opportunity to get to your looms.


Judy said...

He sure seems to be enjoying you Sonata, Chris.

Chris Beech said...

For those interested, the 3 pianos [2 cast in bronze with bulls atop] are from Michael Parekowhai's NZ entry in the 2011 Venice Biennale, titled "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer". They will be exhibited at Te Papa, Level 3, free entry, 25th Aug - 23rd Sept 2012.