Thursday, 11 October 2012

“Big and Small”

 Meg has been not only thinking but also working big . . .   She writes:

For the last six months I locked myself in my basement, figuratively, and worked on one large and one small  project for a joint exhibition in Nelson. The large project was something I saw in my head 30 months ago, a series of large pale pillars. They are in four to five kinds of gray and undyed wool in a swirly twill. 

 . . . and small. . .
The smaller project more or less came to me suddenly; I thought my chin in a self-portrait looked like a profile of a middle-aged body shape, specifically, mine.

“Beginnings” exhibition is held at Refinery ArtSpace Gallery on Halifax St, Nelson, until 26 October.

SO looking forward to seeing this exhibition Meg.

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