Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Heritage Day at the Park

Waitangi Day is Heritage Day at Brayshaw Park and, along with other Park users our Guild fronts up and flies the CF flag providing information and demonstrations.  It is just as well the Park authorities splashed out on a new flag because this is what the previous one looked like in the nor'west season a month ago.
Joan did a great job warping up the loom with a narrow 'Blooming Leaf' overshot design and brought along a sample of 'Cathedral Windows' quilting using woven blocks of the same design.

Joan's plan is for everyone (not just weavers) to weave a square for themselves . . . so take along a small amount of weft yarn of a colour of your choice and get weaving. Help is at hand if you have not woven before - and it really is easy.

Jan demonstrated inkle loom weaving, incorporating beads to fit in with the Guild theme for the month.
Rose sat in the sun and worked on her tatting and (inadvertently) her suntan.

Spinners gathered at the Girling Building and at times were hard to see for the crowd around them.

Well done!  A good start to the year.

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