Saturday, 13 July 2013

 As I won't be at the July Weavers' Group meeting I am posting pics of my show and tell in the hope of earning a brownie point or two.  Two lightweight knee rugs from the same warp which is alternate machine washable and non-machine washable wool.  I wondered what would happen when I washed it but . . . nothing!  I hand washed it and spun it in the washing machine.
 This model is slightly larger than the top one. It confirms my belief that I don't like space-dyed yarns used in the weft.  Perhaps if I hadn't used a definite twill line it wouldn't look as though the weft streaks are fighting with it.  Or if the colour range had stayed in the mid-blue range without going so dark I would have been happier.  Lesson learned.
Of course it looks different in use.  The dark throw on the back of the couch is the one which gave me so much trouble on the dark overcase days when I couldn't see what I was weaving and resorted to a head lamp to get it finished. The result was quite OK in the end but I will think twice before weaving dark yarns in the winter from now on.

Have a great meeting.

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Dianne said...

Very nice blankets. I've just put some variegated mohair weft back in the dye pot because it was weaving stripey and fighting with the colours in the warp. Hoping over dyeing with navy blue will blend them more.