Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Guild Day

Today was Guild Day and I thought I hadn't taken my camera so no photos!  As it happens it was in the bottom of my bag after all but as the only bit of weaving show and tell was mine it didn't really matter.  I took along a woolly throw rug I have made to make use of some stash of boucle yarn and bright turquoise mohair.  I have used the mohair in a rug before and the colour is a bit intense just used with  white.  This time the multi-coloured boucle warp has quietened it down a bit.  Here is a photo I took of it at home.

So where is all the rest of the weavers' show and tell?  Hopefully we will see more at our meeting on Monday night.

Joan had brought lots of beautiful examples of textiles from Kashmir, including a lot of tambour work.  More of that on another occasion.

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