Sunday, 29 December 2013

A visit, a Book and an Exhibition

Although meetings are finished for the year some of us get to visit each other and check on latest projects, seek advice and indulge in weave-talk.  Judy and Rose visited Peg recently.

Peg and Judy scrutinise Judy's latest piece woven in mercerised cottons.  We loved the zing! of the colours. As you will see on the loom, Peg had some pretty 'zingy' colours going as well.

 You may have seen a copy of this book in the town library.  Thanks to Trade Me we now have a copy in our Guild library as well. First person to ring Rose can claim it first for the holiday period.
On the subject of books, here are a couple more hand made ones with woven fabric covers, made by Rose.

The close-up shows the two different sides of the braid used for embellishment. It is a 'walking' braid, sometimes called a slentre braid, where the fingers hold loops of yarn and draw them through each other. Note the uncut loops on one of the braids above. One side of the braid is flat and looks plaited and the other side is rounded and looks more like knitting.

An Exhibition  Anyone visiting Nelson during January may like to visit Fibre Spectrum in Trafalgar Street. The 'Top of the South' members of the Professional Weavers' Network are having a small group exhibition there. Pop in and have a look.

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