Sunday, 6 April 2014

Texture Workshop with Stacey Harvey-Brown

On 4h & 5th of April a group of weavers and felters had an intense workshop with emphasis on texture with UK weaver Stacey Harvey-Brown. Esmae and Shirley came over from Nelson to join us.  I think we gave Stacey a few surprises.

Can't you just hear that laugh!
Here we are: clockwise from top left - Joan, Jen, June, Tricia, Chris, Judy, Esmae, Noelene.
Rose was not quite absent, she was behind the camera.
And here are the felters: Christine H, Christine M, Pam, Cherrie, Shirley
and Jan who had her tapestry weaving hat on part time.
Clever Stacey managed to round us up for a group photo before she left. It includes Win who made a great Gofer for the occasion.. At the bottom Cherrie is giving Feltima a face-lift. Is that a botox injection Cherrie? But perhaps it is a felting needle.  Then there is Agnes sitting quietly in the background and relaxing - yes really! The only other time I have heard her more quiet is when she lost her voice.  The two travellers have moved on towards Oxford, North Canterbury where they will set up their Nature in the Making exhibition before heading to Dunedin for the Festival.

Maybe more from the workshop when some of the works in progress have been washed, mashed, manipulated or otherwise tortured.

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