Monday, 27 October 2014

Coming and Going in October

It was a meeting of two halves in October. On Thursday 16th Chris, Win and Rose travelled to Richmond for our annual gathering with our colleagues over there. A great time was had by all and quite a few pennies were heard to drop as show and tell items were discussed and explained. We learned a lot, particularly about diagonal weaving on pin looms which we knew about and had seen around but had not really taken much notice of. We had to admit there is much more to it than first meets the eye when we saw some really attractive and well-woven coasters (sample below), hot plate mats and even a blanket with planned design in colour.  We had a gift exchange and many of the gifts were of the diagonal woven variety. We were treated to a delicious morning tea and lunch during which we fraternised with the felters and had a look at what they were doing. A trip to Icon Gallery afterwards was a bonus and we were impressed with the exciting things happening there.
Part Two was on our normal meeting night which we had initially cancelled in favour of the Richmond trip but as so few were able to go on the trip some of us gathered at Bobbin Cottage as usual. 

 Betsy had quietly and methodically worked through the collapse weaving course and had her samples beautifully mounted in a folder with the appropriate paperwork. Well done Betsy . . . excellent job.
 Jen was not too sure of her shoulder scarf at first  but gained confidence when we all genuinely admired it. The general consensus was that it just needs one big button or brooch.
Tricia has been scrumbling again. This phone cover is a follow-on from the fantastic handbag she has exhibited. During the evening she manufactured almost half of another one.
 Rose had woven two scarves in different variations of huck lace using alpaca/silk yarn.
And this is one of her linen table runners.
Thanks to Chris for these photos.

At the Guild meeting a couple of days later Judy showed her Deflected Double Weave wrap woven in 20/2 silk.  Here it is on the loom.

And here is the finished product. So elegant!
Thanks for the pics Judy.

A bonus for those present was to have a preliminary look at some "Arizona Highway" magazines with amazing photographs of land forms, wildlife, wildflowers etc with colour schemes we don't see in our own green and pleasant land. There is a lot of inspiration to be gained from these magazines and we look forward to delving into them in the future.

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