Tuesday, 27 October 2015

More from HandWorks

The Tapestry Weaving Group had collaborated on this project. 
An "Old Master" was chosen as the inspiration and each 
member selected a small portion from the picture. 
These five woven pieces were displayed in the foyer 
alongside the picture. The workmanship was superb.
Another tapestry weaving was this cushion panel by Jan.
 The photograph does not do Judy's scarf justice. 
It was very appropriately titled "Shimmer".
 Also by Judy, who says she knitted it while watching television, is "Frost Flowers",
a delicate and beautifully soft shawl in a cashmere/silk yarn.
 This collection contained baby toys, bootees and blanket along with children's knitted socks. 
The baby blanket was woven by Win and she also had three felted chickens in a basket.
The wrap on the right is another of Judy's exceptionally fine weaving.
The scarf in the centre is by our friend Jane from Mapua.

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