Thursday, 10 March 2016

Where is 2016 going!

This year is just flying by, not helped by the fact I could not get to the February meeting -- so no photos. However, Chris has come up with some lovely summery sitting-outside-at-Win's ones that we should look at before the warm weather disappears altogether. Thank you Chris.
Lovely colours, scrumptious texture . . . this bag has to be Tricia's

Jen surprised herself and us with this piece of intricately patterned twill.

The rest are Judy's. First a lovely soft throw

and a lovely crisp multi-patterned piece of linen (or is it cotton?)

Another technique again. . . Theo Moorman inlay
Knitting this time, just as neat and beautiful as her weaving.
February meeting concentrated on studying crackle weave with a couple of dozen Cross Country Weavers' samples to inspect and ponder on. March meeting is coming up. I wonder what autumn-inspired weaving it will bring us.

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