Sunday, 26 February 2017

Looms -- Many and Varied

The topic for February was to look at various types of looms that we might not otherwise see or use, as well as looking at tools and weaving equipment we find useful. 

Wendy brought along a great collection of looms, the star being this one dating from war-time Holland. The design is complex, the lifting system utilising linen thread leashes (still in excellent condition) which are made as the threading progresses. There is an attached board to ensure they are all the same size. Several different lifts are available made possible by simple slits and notches in the sides. The designer was a carpet restorer in Holland and during the war he was instrumental in leading the resistance movement.

 Rigid heddle looms included a NZ primary school scarf loom from the 1940s, still in good condition, warped and looking great, and bringing back memories for the "oldies." Hundreds of scarves were made on these, though the quality of the yarn was not great! The main restriction is the short warp - no rollers, just once around the loom. Sorry, no picture of this one. Some who used one would say they never want to see another one again!

Ashfords are the 'king pins' in the rigid heddle department and Wendy uses (and uses and uses) hers. Here it is, warped up in gorgeous colours.
 Also from Ashfords is this "Knitter's Loom" which seems a contradiction, but its clever design and compact form, which folds up into a bag, is seducing a number of knitters and spinners to consider taking up weaving. We may well be in for some new members before long? Note the variable sett available  with the multi-part reed.
 And there's more. . . Circular looms of various sizes. Woven with a blunt needle these can make mats and cushions quite quickly.
And smaller and slower, a bead loom, warped with fine copper wire. Below is a sample woven on this loom.
There was 'show and tell' as well but that will have to wait for another day. Some of it is bound for the Festival in Christchurch at Easter and so is under wraps will then.

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Interesting post. Like the bead loom.