Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Weavers' July meeting

 The topic for this meeting was teatowels . . . and what a collection we proved to have between us. A couple of hours flew by while we discussed the merits of the various materials, techniques and tricks we found on investigation. Who knew the topic could be so varied and so interesting. There was also a certain amount of reminiscing about previous challenges and exchanges, and remembering friends in different parts of the country and some who are no longer with us. We were also reminded that we have a tea towel exchange at the end of the year so there was plenty of inspiration to start planning for that.

Show and tell was rather sparse and wasn't helped by me forgetting my camera. Thanks to Nancy and her trusty I-pad we do have some photos, first a multi-colour, multi-block crackle weave blanket made by Win. This must surely have been a stash-buster with so many different yarns.

Chris also had a generous-sized throw rug in natural colours with bright flecks making it sing, and a luxurious handspun weft. Chris's family and friends must all be keeping warm during these winter days and nights.

Rose brought along some fine woven linen and also a sample of her lacemaking. The latter consisted of short white and silver lace strips, some of which had been stiffened and shaped into spirals for Christmas decorations - although Joan thought they could be made into earrings!

A "post mortem" on the recent Guild exhibition agreed that it had been a resounding success and several members had made sales.

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