Friday, 3 July 2009

More Sauce for the Gander, by Rose Pelvin

While I was reasonably happy with my "Sauce for the Gander" scarf I didn't think it was special enough for an exhibition with a capital E run by the Alpaca Association. So I mucked around with it! I agonised for ages trying to decide what to do - even pestered my daughter for advice. Thank goodness I took it. As the scarf was quite wide I narrowed it down by embroidering a row of square stitch along each edge, placing a tiny pearl bead at each square. I then took a deep breath and cut off the edges which were not all that neat because I had woven with two shuttles. I fringed the long sides, but not the ends, having been told "No, Mum, it would look like a fluffy table runner."

I bundled it up, sent if off and heaved a great sigh. This is my one finished project in about six weeks. Selection time came and went and I had no confirmation that it had been accepted, someone else had, so I accepted the fact that it had not been selected. I wasn't too surprised. Imagine my delight then, when later I had a phone message to say I had won second prize! (All that worry wasted.) So you get to see the scarf again.

The 100% alpaca handspun yarn in the scarf was spun by Nancy Taylor from fibre from her alpaca named "Inca Sun" so I called my entry "Inca Sun's Hidden Pearls."

by Rose Pelvin


Meg in Nelson said...

Hooray to bossy (?) daughters!

Sue Broad said...

Great site, congratulations. Its always interesting to see what you have all been up to. The stories that go with the works give another dimension. Enjoyed the pics of the rotoiti weekend.