Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sauce for The Gander, by Rose Pelvin

This is one of my favourite texture weaves using thick and thin yarns. The thicker yarn in this piece is100% alpaca, handspun by Nancy Taylor, and the fine is 70% alpaca and 30% silk. When I weighed the scarf before washing, including the waste, it was 100grams exactly. It is a generous 10 x 71 inches finished size plus the fringes which I will probably shorten considerably.

It was not my intention to do this for the Small Scarf Exhibition. But coincidentally I have been working in parallel with Meg (the organizer of the Exhibition) to finish a scarf - right down to the problem of photographing at night (note the Give Way sign outside my window) I looked at your late entry and thought "that's sauce for the goose." So here is "sauce for the gander".

This scarf was exhibited in a Small Scarf Exhibition on the Internet.

by Rose Pelvin


Esther said...

The photo's came out really well actually Mum. I love the size of this one.

Rose said...

Well, that's too bad. It has now been stitched, beaded, cut, frayed and generally mucked about with for the alpaca show. I'll post an "after" pic later.