Sunday, 14 June 2009

June Meeting was a Lace Weave Workshop

Instead of our regular third-Monday meeting, we held our June meeting in Bobbin Cottage yesterday, setting up looms and holding a casual lace weave workshop. Pictures paint a thousand words, so have a look at how much fun we had!
(From top left)
1. Chris and Anne-Marie welcome new member Sue and feel the lovely handle of her rigid heddle woven fabric of soft wool and llama fibre.
2. Christine gets started on the 8-shaft huck sample under the watchful eye of Joan.
3. Hand manipulated lace weaves fascinate June and here she passes on her knowledge of Brooks Boquet to Judy and Pat.
4. Christine and Pat concentrate while helping each other out with Bronson Lace.
5. Joan and Chris tackle the immense "Show and Tell" display. Obviously some members have been doing lace weaves for a while - but there is always more to learn.
6. Tricia and Nancy really are listening and watching the show and tell, but also doing their "knit in public" thing at the same time. Weavers are great multi-taskers.

(From top left)
1. Judy is careful with beating the delicate lace.
2. Anne-Marie usually weaves on a rigid heddle loom so is trying out some shaft weaving for a change.
3. Nancy is enjoying getting that shuttle going.
4. Dot enjoys weaving in winter. The rest of the time she is a gardener.
5. It doesn't take Christine long to sort out the huck blocks.
6. Betsy is always keen to participate.

Judy learns the magic of working Danish medallion.
Bronson Lace - Before
Bronson Lace - After
Joan raided her wardrobe to find this special occasion top she once wove in bead leno.

Our most successful participant was also our youngest, Rebecca.
(Clockwise from top left.)
1. So cute!
2. Sometimes a little help is needed! Thanks Chris, your feet are bigger than Rebecca's!
3. Yes, really, Rebecca, this is what it will look like after it is washed.
4. Look Mum, both feet!
5. Proud Mum Anne-Marie looks on - but is that a tinge of envy? Mum weaves on a rigid heddle loom and hasn't got to use treadles yet!

By Rose Pelvin


Meg in Nelson said...

Nice to see another member who has a hard time with faraway treaddles. I can almost hear Chris saying, "Yes, Rebecca."

It looks like everybody had a fantastic time!

desiree said...

It looks very nice!

Anne-Marie said...

Rebecca had a great time, and tells me she will teach me how to weave this pattern!