Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Frou Frou, by Meg Nakagawa

I make no secret of being hue-challenged, and have been coaxed by two younger weavers in particular, one in Colorado, USA, and one in Gosford, NSW, Australia, to break my barriers and weave totally uncharacteristic scarves. Well, there you have it. Not only did I use/mix colors I would never have before, but also used synthetic (rayon) accent yarns in this piece.

And now that I've got this out of my system, I look forward to working within a very narrow sliver on the color wheel again.

The main body of this scarf is in 2/20 mercerized cotton.

This scarf was exhibited in a Small Scarf Exhibition on the Internet.

by Meg Nakagawa


Esther said...

WOW! This scarf is truly beautiful Meg! You should step out your comfort zone more often, lol. Well Done.

Rose said...

Good fun Meg! Don't retreat to too small a sliver. These colours are just right for a pick-me-up on a dull rainy day like today.

Meg in Nelson said...

Thank you, Ladies. No, not too skinny a sliver, Rose. Except perhaps once in a while.