Friday, 5 June 2009

Marshmallow Topping, by Rose Pelvin

As well as the colour, I loved watching the pink and white puffs popping up as I wove this. The main yarn is a mix of fluffy cotton and acrylic with a binder of lustrous viscose rayon. For the fine white stripes and also for the weft, I used doubled 10/2 bamboo, also a lustrous yarn, and one I have not used before. Each scarf end is gathered into a tassel and finished with a small crochet "collar" of the bamboo yarn. A curious praying mantis joined in the photo shoot on a glorious autumn afternoon in Marlborough, New Zealand.

This scarf was exhibited in a Small Scarf Exhibition on the Internet.

by Rose Pelvin


EstherNZ said...

What a great name for this scarf Mum!

Rose said...

Thanks. Sometimes thinking up a title is harder than making the article!

Judy said...

Praying mantis love marshmallows.
A beautiful scarf, Rose.