Friday, 12 June 2009

Nutcracker Collection in Timaru, by Rose Pelvin

My "Nutcracker Collection", along with Peg's "Silver Lining" and "Some Cloud", were exhibited in style at the "A Common Thread" Professional Weavers Network Exhibition in Timaru at the 150 year old Landing Services Building.

Though not part of the annual Festival proper, PWN cannily arranged to have the exhibition on in Timaru at the same time, and one PWN member from Timaru (who was helping to organise the Festival) cannily arranged to have the shuttle buses tour around by the Information Centre which happened to be in the same building as our Exhibition. So we had lots of people through, the Exhibition was well received, we had lovely comments, and really good sales to boot!

by Rose Pelvin


Judy said...

A fantastic setting to show off the beautiful weaving. Stunning.

Meg in Nelson said...

Makes us think about how to display works, too, doesn't it?