Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bags, by Tricia Jane

A conscientious member that she is, on the morning of our last meeting of 2009 Tricia made a memory stick bag. Which, in turn, was carried in this fabulous knitted bag she made a few years ago. The asymmetrical shape hangs nicely when being carried.

This post concludes our series of bags, the group's project in 2009, shared/disclosed/shown/told/felt/admired during our November 2009 end-of-year meeting. But we had so much fun I wouldn't be surprised if there are more to come.

by Meg Nakagawa


Pamela Treanor said...

I am really impressed with your group's blog. Always something new, no sidetracking, well laid out; really excellent.
I'm in Dunedin, but every now and then make it to Marlborough. You give me more reason to do so sooner.

Meg in Nelson said...

Thank you, Pamela. On behalf of all the hard-weaving members, we appreciate your compliment. Be sure to get in touch with us before your next trip up!