Tuesday, 22 June 2010

June Meeting: Fitting Garments

Last Saturday, we had sewing guru Sue visit us to help with fitting garments. We were encouraged to bring ideas, patterns, or calico already cut and ready to try on. Weavers arrived with different stages of their projects, as well as books, magazines, patterns and woven samples and garments created in the past.

In the top picture, Sue is helping Katie McDonald fine-tune a felted garment.

Joan had made a garment and leftover woven sample felted rigorously enough in the wet finish that it could be cut like a felted piece.

Of course you don't have to construct the entire garment with handwoven cloth, but use commercial cloth in the curvy bits. Rose used up warp ends in this manner.

Or, on one warp, a weaver can weave different structures or with different wefts to create contrast fabric.

Drafts and samples from April's Crape Workshop were also available.

It was hard to look up and stop working when the official end time came and Sue had to leave. Some members stayed behind to complete what they came to complete.

Everybody went home with inspirations and more concrete ideas on what/how to make a garment, if not with calico already fit and altered.

by Meg Nakagawa

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