Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Not Really Weaving, but Definitely Stash Reduction, by Chris Beech

A Persian rug dealer from Christchurch was recently through town, and I couldn't resist buying some cushion covers - $25 each, what weaver here could possibly match that?

Not having any cushion inners, I decided to stuff them with thrums - I have bags of thrums dating back to the 80's. So far I have eliminated 3 large plastic bags from the stash cupboard, the cushions plump up well [I just stuffed the thrums in after teasing them out a bit and undoing any knots], and I'm having a wonderful trip down memory lane.

by Chris Beech

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Rose said...

Well done Chris! In a few hundred years some archaeologist will have a wonderful puzzle when they dig that up and try to make sense of the stuffing. Love the cushion covers.