Monday, 4 October 2010

Waffle Weave Baby Blanket, by Chris Beech

7 shaft 12 epi wool

My personal challenge for 2010 was to weave something in waffle weave, and the need for a baby gift inspired me to act! I was in a hurry [baby getting older], so elected to use instructions for a Weekend Blanket from Handwoven Nov/Dec 2003. I can only assume their American weekends are much longer than ours! Either that or I don't have the staying power they do.

I was reasonably happy with the blanket, though the waffle cells weren't as deep as I had hoped. Yarns were all from the stash, which was satisfying but did involve some compromise - eg the turquoise acted differently to the other yarns.

Multiple weft colour changes and long floats were an issue, but I solved that by leaving tails at the selvedge, and covering them with a ribbon border rather than my preferred crochet edging.

by Chris Beech


Rose said...

Great colours Chris. And the binding is perfect for the job.

Judy said...

Love the colours. So warm and cuddly. Are you going to weave another one for your model?